2017 May 21 azalea hydrangea rose in urban area of Tokyo and Yokohama Japan Flowering information



Table of contents (Photos taken at May 21, 2017)


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The rose’s best time went by a bit at May 21,2017.

And because of daily hot weather, rose seem a bit tired.

There are a lot of buds of rose still remaining, so you can enjoy rose if you don’t ask perfect condition for rose garden.

In Yokohama, there are admirable rose garden for free.

港の見える丘公園(Minatonomieruoka-park、山下公園 (yamashita-park).

These photos of rose are taken at Minatonomieruoka-park in Yokohama, May 21,2017.

The rose garden spreads around 横浜イギリス館(Yokohama British Pavilion) and 山手111番館(Yamate No.111 Building) in Minatonomieruoka-park.

The nearest station of Minatonomieruoka-Park is みなとみらい線「元町・中華街駅」(Minatomirai-Line [Motomachi Chukagai Station])




Photo of hydrangea at May 21, 2017


These early blooming hydrangea are special. Most hydrangea are like above pictures.



Azalea is still blooming well at May 21, 2017


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