Flowering information in 23wards Tokyo Japan 2017 May Best time to see or not



Cherry blossom, tulip season has passed.

Now in May, we can enjoy roses.

Besides roses, what flowers we can see.

I take flower pictures when I see it, occasionally.

You can see flower pictures which I take timely. And you can guess the best time to see or not to see the flowers which you want to.

Flowering time is different depending on variety.

I am not a flower expert.  So I can not write about flowers in detail precisely, but you can see timely flower pictures quite a bit in this web site.

This time, I would like to focus Roses and Hydrangea.

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Table of contents
Photos taken on 6th and 7th May,2017 in 23wards Tokyo Japan.
*Rose (bara)
*Rhododendron (tutuji)
*Antirrhinum majus (kingyoso)
*Convallaria majalis (suzuran)
*canola flower ? (nanohana?)
*Other flowers best time to see
*Hydrangea (ajisai)
*Tulip (churippu)
*Cherry blossom (sakura)

Photos taken on May 21, 2017 urban area of Tokyo and Yokohama


In May, a rose festival is held here and there. It is a season that you can enjoy being surrounded by many roses. Like cherry blossoms, it is a season we can not miss.



Rhododendron (tutuji)

Rhododendron is still in the best time to see it.  Depending on the location, it has passed over the best season.


Rhododendron which passed over



Antirrhinum majus (kingyoso)

There are various colors such as pink, red, white, yellow, orange and it is cute.



Convallaria majalis (suzuran)

You can see a lot of small white flowers of suzuran in suzuran area.



canola flower ? (nanohana?)



Other flowers best time to see



Hydrangea (ajisai)

The flowering has not been done yet. Still a long way to go.




Petals fell, it has only the stem. Tulip season has gone already.



Cherry blossom

During Golden Week, there are many years when you can enjoy cherry blossoms with blooming flowers, but this year it was past the best time around the beginning of the Gloden Week.

I prefer the cherry blossom which bloom in Golden Week more than general cherry blossoms in Japan which bloom in early or middle of April. Because, it has a lot of petals and the color is dark pink, so can feel gorgeous and cute.

* Golden Week is Japanese large consecutive holidays around end of April to beginning of May.


Cherry blossom has gone.  What a coincidence, there are the fruit on the cherry tree.


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