Horikiri-Shoubuen Photos taken on May 27, 2017 Hanashoubu(Japanese Iris) & Hydrangea Tokyo Japan




Katsushika-ward (Katsushika-ku) Tokyo Japan

I went to Horikiri-Shoubuen which you can enjoy Hanashoubu (Japanese Iris) in urban areas of Tokyo on May 27, 2017.

The number of Hanashoubu (Japanese Iris) that are blooming is small, but the number of flower of Hanashoubu that can be enjoyed enough is in full bloom.

You can check the flowering by looking the photos taken on May 27, 2017.


Hydrangea is still in bloom only a little, so it is not a feeling of collaboration with Hanashoubu, but the number of Hanashoubu enough to enjoy it was in bloom.

Even though the number of blooms is small, the Hanashoubu have not passed the best time, so it was beautiful.



I could not enjoy hydrangea in Horikiri-Shoubuen, but I could enjoy hydrangea in the path one more ahead of the entrance to Horikiri-shoubuen.

There were a lot of hydranfeas of buds yet, but hydrangea blossoming and hydrangea which is best time to see are also mixed in places, so it was beautiful.

Red circle is the entrance of Horikiri-shoubuen, Led line is the road of hydrangea.




9:00 ~ 17:00 : May 5, 2017 ~ May 29, 2017
8:00 ~ 18:00 : May 30, 2017 ~ June 25, 2017

Entrance fee : free


Place: about 10minutes walk from Keisei-Line  Horikiri-Shoubuen-Stasion


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